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Garden-4470. Sound bioempathic network



Authors Tata Gorian and Andrey Rylov


Trees in the forest communicate with each other. They warn each other about the danger and share nutrients through a subterranean network of intertwined roots and mushroom threads. The trees in urban parks and gardens are loners. They are grown artificially, and because of damaged roots it is harder for them to connect to each other and interact. Garden-4470 is a bioempathic sound network inspired by the communication of trees and installed in a city garden. Thanks to its sensors, it responds to light and vibration, imitating the squeaks, groans and sighs of trees recorded in a natural forest. It steals the sun rays from the leaves while the wind carries its sounds like pollen. Digital Garden-4470 interacts with the living garden system. The sounds of the forest, refracted through mechanized receptors, wander among the solitary trees with their phantom voices. The bioempathic sound network is sensitive to changes in the atmosphere and is alive until rain and thunderstorms break down its sensors.  


Тата Гориан — художница, изобретательница. Работает в различных медиа, включая инсталляцию, перформанс, фотографию и видео. В своих проектах часто использует спекулятивный подход и конструирует альтернативные сценарии настоящего и будущего, реагируя на феномены современной культуры. Всю свою арт-практику видит как отдельный автофикшн-проект и художественный жест. Живет и работает в Санкт-Петербурге.

Андрей Рылов — художник из Санкт-Петербурга. Участвовал в выставках и фестивалях.