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Author Anna Martynenko


The project explores the idea of ​​self-sufficiency of information, the possibility of its growth, flowering and dying. Parts of plants from the garden next to the gallery are used as prototypes. In the process of life, plants lose parts of their body - leaves, branches, stems, etc. A person studies these fragments and through this study gives them new life. The artist creates a special algorithm that extracts information from dead parts of plants and, multiplying by itself, this information grows, blooms and dies. An algorithm is the DNA of an artificial plant, a “digital flower,” whose seed is a fragment of a dead nature. The growth and ripening of a flower are expressed in graphs and drawings, which are multiplied with each action; bloom, like smell in nature, adds new dimensions - color and sound. Viewers are invited to play the role of a gardener and admire the digital garden, surrounded by garden tools designed for the cultivation of biological plants.


Anna Martynenko is an artist and set designer. Born in 1985, lives and works in St. Petersburg. After graduating from the Theater Arts Academy (Faculty of Scenography), she takes part in various theater projects as a set designer. Since 2014 she has been working as a media artist, creating objects, installations, site-specific and public art projects. Graduated from the School of Young Artists (a project of the PRO ARTE Foundation) and the New Media Laboratory (at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater). Participant of group exhibitions, fairs and festivals. Personal projects were presented at the Sound Museum, FFTN Gallery, Nepokorenye 17 studio. In her works, she researches communication and language systems, observation and transformation of various kinds of information, including working with sound.