Authors Antsulevich Nikifor and Vania Zaslavets


The ecocide of all forest ecosystems occurs every year in the form of wildfires, contamination and massive deforestation. Lately the situation has reached its limits, which means that trees in different parts of the world began to demonstrate spontaneously. Approximately a few hundred trees near Saint-Petersburg went to a rally in relation to the latest political events. Trees endeavour to defend their right to exist. What is a tree? It's the resource to buy, to sell, to chop or to burn and in the meantime it's the necessary element of the planet ecosystem. It enables us to breathe. Maybe after all, it's the biological agent with its own society, language and rights, which, although we don't take into account. We feel that trees try to tell us something, that the world has come to its verge, so the trees now are forced to deal with political issues in order to answer all these questions. «The Political tree» is the project, and in this project final say belongs to the Tree. Watch how «The Political tree» grows in Insta: @political_tree


Antsulevich Nikifor – a novice artist from Saint-Petersburg, urbanist, trained as a civil engineer. Also a local history activist. Never took part in exhibitions and festivals. Currently studying at the New Media Lab (new stage Alexandrinski).

Inst. @anculevich

Vania Zaslavets – a novice artist from Saint-Petersburg, student, trained as theatre director. Made an independent theater project in the Moscow region. Never took part in exhibitions.

Inst. @vania_zaslavets