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Escape in|out


Artist Lera Lerner
Director of photography Nikita Gubin


The garden is a dialectic of two processes: natural growth and artificial containment. The garden, starting with Plato, is both education and school. It is also the formation of shoots inside and containment of escape outside. The performance-ballet "escape in|out" is an attempt to connect to the plant's experience through physical and mental practice. An attempt to reveal the otherness of the other, using knowledge and intuition. The performer climbs over the garden fence back and forth back and forth back and forth all over the fence. The performer learned the escape movements from the shoots of garden plants, thanks to the time-lapse shooting technology. Performance-hanging, not effective affective activity, a return attempt to interact with plants and an institution-garden without a person.


Lera Lerner – artist, curator, founder of the Imaginary Museum of Displaced Faces

Artist and curator Lera Lerner practices socially engaged art. She focuses on interdisciplinary and hybrid projects connecting scientists, artists, museum workers, people from the public places in the participatory art practices. She researches the processes and ethics of spontaneous communication in an urban environment through performance and installation. Lera graduated from the Pro Arte Program for contemporary artists and completed the MA program in Curatorial Studies at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University. She participated in the Manifesta 10 International Biennial, IV and V Moscow International Biennial of Young Art, 4th and 5th Art Prospect Festival, V International Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art, VI Ural Industrial Biennial, the 14th Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum Festival, XIII Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale.