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Authors Andrey Nosov Tg. @andrey_nosov and Anna Tolkacheva Tg. @AnnaTolkacheva


LINK TO THE PROJECT: http://plantlets.online/

Art project Plantlets is an incremental browser game. Its plot is based on the process of “raising” your garden-herbarium, which consists of scanned in high resolution dried plants. Each plant consists of several parts that open to the user one by one like a puzzle. This process starts immediately after the user registers and does not stop even when he or she logs out of the game. The game is endless and can develop without the player's intervention. New plant fragments appear at random intervals which can take any time period: from a few hours to several days. The user can speed up the appearance of new parts by focusing attention on the screen. The app`s eye-tracker scans the gaze directed to the screen, speeding up the process of plants` appearance. In this project, we address the topic of attention exploitation by new media, in particular, by browser-based incremental games. Their mechanics are built around the manipulation of attention and curiosity. The ultimate goal of most of these games is to monetize the user's time by displaying ads or buying in-game currency. We offer users to create an ever-evolving media object that is always ready to receive a person's attention without extracting hidden benefits. The virtual garden can be used as an object for meditation, training attention, and concentration. Herbarium plants as images for concentration and viewing, in contrast to game animation, are as specific and detailed as possible. They are removed from the flow of time, but they themselves represent fragile and short-lived objects — herbs and flowers.


Andrey Nosov – is an artist, curator and director of experimental cinema. From 2011 to 2016, he worked in the Volga branch of the State Center for Contemporary Arts, where he curated and supervised projects related to video art and experimental cinema, and produced films. As part of the art group “Volnye prostory” (Free spaces) participated in the creation of the film “Canons and Eves” (shown as part of the MIFF in 2015). Co-Director and producer of the VR film “Horeku. Stories of the Tukhard tundra” (2020). His interests include: media art, new formats of representation of media images (VR, computer games as art, user interfaces), experimental cinema, the relation of the natural and the cultural seen through the prism of media.

Anna Tolkacheva is a media artist, researcher and poet. She creates multimedia installations and projects which involve a variety of techniques such as video, interactive objects, code-art, and text. She explores new ways of creating text and accessing it through the new media, non-standard interfaces and controllers. Most of her art-works can be attributed to the emerging field of media-poetry. She obtained a master’s degree in Applied Informatics and has worked as a senior programmer and researcher in the computational linguistic field in Russia and the Netherlands (Google Award for the research). In 2017 Anna obtained a diploma in New Media Art in Rodchenko Art School, Moscow. Anna’s works participated in a big number of exhibitions, screenings, and festivals inside and outside of Russia. Her work “The Freedom” won in the International Extra Short Film Festival 2014. She won the Grand Prix in the Video Poetry Film Festival “The Fifth Leg” (2012, 2016). http://annatolkacheva.info