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Author Daria Petrova


In the Middle of Nowhere Square Meter Tales If you walk long and aimlessly through the forest, you can feel how the personal husk is crumbling. The practice of non-thinking helps to take internal informational noise off the table. If you freeze and watch, you can feel a special radio frequency, on which - with interference, of course - transmit forest miracles. Stories, relationship, adventures stretch like cobwebs. I will outline space: a square meter of a fairy tale. Stand and listen. I will spend two lonely walks: in the forest and in the city. All miracles and fairy tales will be recorded and published on Instagram. Will the radio frequency take offense at me? Will it block the channel, or will it be glad to a new audience? Will fairy tales, drafts and scraps of conversations between trees and bugs be alive? Perhaps the online format will mix the miraculous and the ordinary, will grind everything into a spam of information noise. The question that really excites me is: will it be possible to transfer the walk as a spiritual practice online, or should the sacred remain invisible.  


Daria Petrova an independent media poet and a curator of the 101 Mediapoetry festival.

As an artist Petrova is interested in art walks, digital performances and non-digital media.
She participated in ELO conferences in Bergen (2015, lighting talk) and in Cork (2019, artist talk).
Daria conducted the “Mediapoetry. Language lab” for teenagers at the Fenestra art club (Russia, Saint Petersburg), took part in Ypoetry – Experimental Poetry Lab, held lectures and performances at the Geek Picknic festival, the Pushkin Laboratories festival, the children’s bureau “Kulturny Kot” (all of the above in Saint Petersburg), the Frankfurt Book Fair (Russian exhibition stand), the Moscow Book Fair, two-day intensive course “Art in the city: the formation of the contemporary cultural landscape” by the Calvert foundation (Russia, Khanty-Mansyisk), the Urban Future festival (Russia, Kirov).

Daria has a Master’s degree in Curatorial Studies and Art Criticism (Saint Petersburg State University), a Master’s degree in Curatorial studies (Bard College), a Master’s degree in Philology (Saint Petersburg State University) and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrotechnology (Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University).