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Author Philipp Guzeev


The Coordinates project studies artificial spaces created by humans: parks as well as virtual 3D spaces. Based on the concept of location as a set of coordinates, the artist chooses the point of reference in a park, with unit vectors emanating from it. Exclusively for this project, with the help of the ITMO University, there was created an object resembling the coordinate vectors that are used inside of any 3D graphics editor. The full-scale vector arrows are placed in the space a park and immediately modify it. Just as a mathematical operator, the object influences anything it interacts with - namely, a tree, a sculpture, or a human - and changes its perception of the space. By these means, the virtual becomes physical in the material space of a park, which, in turn, acquires some features of the virtual world.


Philipp Guzeev is a multidisciplinary artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
He is an alumnus of the New Media Lab (2017) and the Young Artist’s School PRO ARTE (2018). Philipp works with the concepts of time, memory, and the human perception of the world employing interactive sound- and media-installations.