Wandering gardens

водное путешествие Пангардения

1 Ключевой частью “Блуждающих садов” (третий день фестиваля Арс Электроника, 11 сентября) будет совместное водное путешествие художников, кураторов и учёных.  …
Авторы Ученые ИТМО, кураторы и художники проекта
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Pangardenia Boat trip – stream

11/09/20 10:00 am - 11:10 am CET
Participants Artur Konstantinov, Laura Rodrigez, Natalia Fedorova, Anna Kozlova, Alexander Kapitonov, Valery Chernov, Vadim Manaenko, Boris Shershenkov
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3 Can we feel the connection with the nature at a distance, feel by our skin? The Loci project is a tactile landscape and spatial-temporal connections with other species in real time. The object consists of a lighting installation situated in a field, forest, or city park, and several wearable devices associated with it. Solar-powered light field devices register the movement of small animals and large insects, react to them with light and send signals about their activity to the computer (or smartphone), which can be located at any distance from the installation.
Author VALab
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4 Вынужденная остановка многих процессов связанных с коронавирусом, заставила нас задуматься над целью собственной жизни, над своими поступками и действиями. Мы…
Sergey Filatov 2 -FQEBuJM5Oo
Авторы Сергей Филатов, Михаил Климовский
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The perfect garden


LINK TO THE GARDEN: https://clck.ru/Qor6c

A perfect garden has appeared in St. Petersburg. The garden is located in flying ship over the Vosstaniya square in Saint-Petersburg. This ship looks like it is made of glass. But also it could be made of resin or solidified juice of plants. If you look closely at the ship, you can see that it is covered with veins, like a leaf. There are many plants inside the ship. So far, no one has found the entrance to this garden. It seems that no ramp goes down from it. And also there is no gate to this perfect oasis. Maybe this ship is only a Mirage? Or maybe it’s all about Art. The perfect garden is a project of a group of St. Petersburg’s media artists. They want to draw attention to the fact that there is a lack of greens in St. Petersburg. Current eco-system of the city is out of date. Trees and plants, birds, animals and all citizens of a modern city (except humans) have no right, have no voice. And treated only like decorations. To build this ship artists collaborate with a group of experts, who shared with them their knowledge in urbanism and explained to them all the components of a perfect garden.
The perfect garden
Authors New media Lab (Natalia Fedorova, Daria Okhrimenko, Evgenii Khlopotov, Tony Shinihin, Nikifor Antsulevich, Ivan Zaslavets, Ilona Borodina, Ksenia Bakhtina)
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Droned Nature



Mac: https://clck.ru/QmJUk

Windows: https://clck.ru/QmJVf

We already explored and experienced how lens-based images that were brought to us by photography have shaped our culture and perception of the world around us. Right now we are experiencing another major shift: we have to coexist with comprehensive computational images
Author Denis Protopopov
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