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LINK TO THE PROJECT: http://plantlets.online/

Art project Plantlets is an incremental browser game. Its plot is based on the process of “raising” your garden-herbarium, which consists of scanned in high resolution dried plants. Each plant consists of several parts that open to the user one by one like a puzzle. This process starts immediately after the user registers and does not stop even when he or she logs out of the game.
Authors Andrey Nosov Tg. @andrey_nosov and Anna Tolkacheva Tg. @AnnaTolkacheva
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2 Not far from our summer house, right in the middle of the forest, we found a dump where everything that once filled the man`s home was thrown: windows, doors, plumbing, cupboards with books and records, a bed, clothes, dishes — a whole life. It turned out that these things belonged to a woman, her name was Elena Eduardovna Ramus. Judging by the fragmentaries of the surviving documents, she was born on August 16, 1939. She had been working at a some scientific research institute, traveling a lot after the retirement. It seems she did not have children — she was pictured alone on almost all of the photographs. Among the books we found a lot of slides and films. Through dampness and mold, the emulsion on some slides were damaged. There were traveling photos, nature photography, images of a typical Soviet landscapes, and pictures of Elena Eduardovna herself…
10/09/20 17:30-18:30 MSK
Author Evgeniy Molodtsov (https://emolodtsov.com/)
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In-Out Lab

3 The world of information acceleration provokes a person to constantly look for new ways to concentrate, relax and calm. This explains the popularity of various bodily, respiratory and meditative practices. The iBiom company, which has a bacterial approach to the modern challenges, presents the first self-scrolling laboratory for getting rid of fatigue – transmedial plunge into the depths of the designed virtual cave and the study of its biosphere. Specially for Pargardenia, iBiom Corporation will move its fatigue relief lab to the Mozilla Hub space. Layer by layer, the In-Out Lab participants go through a series of audio-visual-sensitive practices, the length and depth of which are formed by complex systems of canals and galleries of the cave.
10/09/20_17.00_(ENG)_-_18.00_(RUS) 13/09/20_15.00_(ENG)_-_16.00_(RUS)
Authors iBiom (http://ibiombox.com)
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Escape in|out

4 The garden is a dialectic of two processes: natural growth and artificial containment. The garden, starting with Plato, is both education and school. It is also the formation of shoots inside and containment of escape outside. The performance-ballet “escape in|out” is an attempt to connect to the plant’s experience through physical and mental practice. An attempt to reveal the otherness of the other, using knowledge and intuition. The performer climbs over the garden fence back and forth back and forth back and forth all over the fence. The performer learned the escape movements from the shoots of garden plants, thanks to the time-lapse shooting technology.
lerner 1080 1080
Artist Lera Lerner
Director of photography Nikita Gubin
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To be the wind for the tree

5 Did you ever want to hear a tree talk?  Did you ever want to feel how the water goes up the tree crones? How does the wind feel for the tree? This project is based on the idea of the Internet of Trees (IoT) verbalizing the tree sensualities. A poetry generator  produces iterations that consist of TT+ (Tree Talker) sensor data. The work translates the trees readable for the viewer, creating vocabulary for the physiological  processes that happen inside them: the sap going up the crones, the humidity of the trunk, connected with the humidity of the air and soil, their vertical position in three axes and how the tree feels gravity and wind, the twelve spectra of light the leaves photosynthesize on.
Author Natalia Fedorova
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Garden-4470. Sound bioempathic network

6 Garden-4470 is a bioempathic sound network inspired by the communication of trees and installed in a city garden. Thanks to its sensors, it responds to light and vibration, imitating the squeaks, groans and sighs of trees recorded in a natural forest. It steals the sun rays from the leaves while the wind carries its sounds like pollen. Digital Garden-4470 interacts with the living garden system. The sounds of the forest, refracted through mechanized receptors, wander among the solitary trees with their phantom voices.
10/09/20 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm CET
Tata Andrey
Authors Tata Gorian and Andrey Rylov
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New Paradizo

7 Man and his reflection in the media mirror of disappearing realities of an artificial paradise. Our realities today are disintegrating, changing. During the pandemic, our life largely spilled over into virtual reality, and the real one has acquired a limited framework, stagnation. Today the network is a kind of artificial paradise where you can escape from reality, admire your reflection and imagine yourself as you want to be or appear.
Popova Mayya Vika Ilyushkina bw Антон Пестов Alexander Khudyakov
Authors Victoria Ilyushkina and Maya Popova
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Square Meter Tales

8 In the Middle of Nowhere Square Meter Tales If you walk long and aimlessly through the forest, you can feel how the personal husk is crumbling. The practice of non-thinking helps to take internal informational noise off the table. If you freeze and watch, you can feel a special radio frequency, on which – with interference, of course – transmit forest miracles. Stories, relationship, adventures stretch like cobwebs. I will outline space: a square meter of a fairy tale. Stand and listen.
Author Daria Petrova
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