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Fragility (uncertainty) and self-sufficiency (autonomy) are distinctive features for today’s pandemic life in lockdown. Our lives grow from the middle (Kafka), we no longer have strong connections to the soil through roots, and we are not entirely immaterial cloud-based creatures also. This is a life between matter and data.


Timothy Morton says that “information dump mode” is a way for us not to relive the experience of (traumatic) data. To relive means to integrate data back into personal experience, and thus integrate it into the “collective experience”, expanding to a planetary scale (J. Lovelock). “Pangardenia” is an aspiration to relive through data, and ambition to re-connect the virtual and the real. Pangargenia, a natural chimera,  embraces Panic sensibility of the wild and guarded gathering of the garden and gradina, elemental and structural, growing and digital. What can bear fruit in these liminal gardens?

Pangardenia project is made up of four paths: Parniki  (artists at their homes; indoor gardening; autonomous existence and any other types of “capsuled” life), Abandoned gardens (semi-closed Universities and ways for growing knowledge and art in lockdown), Wandering gardens (a site-specific artistic boat-trip collaborated with boat-drones), and Post(non)human gardens (finding new types of life forms, combining both human and non-human agents). One day we will walk down each path (subtheme) and finalize the festival with a closing movie of Pangardenia.



This is a Russian term which means greenhouses but they hold a connotation of hot closed space for plants, mostly southern such as tomatoes. Because of the cold climate and less natural light in Saint Petersburg we need to create an artificial climate for growing most plants. On this path we visit artists at their homes; explore indoor gardening; autonomous existence; creating gardens for spaceships and any other types of “capsuled” life.

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Wandering gardens

Saint-Petersburg is a city built on swamps and full of water. We don’t have much greenery rooted in soil, but we do have underwater “gardens” (microbiome of Neva, Fontanka, Krukov Kanal, etc.) and deeply layered swamp life in the city’s depth. This path will lead us through water nomadic gardens of the city and its outskirts. It will be a site-specific artistic boat-trip that collaborated with boat-drones whose task is to collect eco-data.

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Abandoned gardens

Cultural institutions such as universities and museums are locked. Used to be full of activities and people, today they are abandoned gardens. We will visit these semi-closed, semi-live spaces and share this experience online to recreate them in virtual spaces and to find new ways for growing knowledge and art

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Post(non)human garden

The final path of the trip is dedicated to finding new types of life forms, combining both human and non-human agents: robotics; AI+nature; the garden as a model of human consciousness; how to explain gardens to non-human agents; how to explain smells and touch to AI; collecting data from the gardens; big data and consciousness.

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A serial of presentations of projects that include artists’ talks, shows from studios and artist’s houses as well as round tables. This format will be broadcasted to the Youtube channel, Facebook in English translation, and VK in the original Russian language.


The Live streaming of different performances and floating boat exhibition, and streaming from the offline site exhibitions.

guided tours

This format consist of the 360 video tours, digital artworks, or the digital presentation of artworks.


Dedicated to the artwork experience for the post(non)human gardens, available with from a link on the landing page of Pangardenia.

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KURFUTURELAB is a platform created for monetization and popularization of Art&Science as well as Digital Art. Our principal goal is to inform as many contemporary art admirers as possible about the latest trends, making contemporary art accessible and easy without compromising the quality of our content. We are also the first auction house to sell Art&Science, all the while maintaining an active and substantial exhibition activity as well as establishing connections between artists and brands. We additionally provide consulting assistance to companies and private collectors and form art collections. We are creating a fundamentally new market before your eyes because we believe in what we do.


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